Dual Fuel and Heat Pump Systems and Services in South Jersey

A heat pump is a common feature in the South Jersey area: they are systems which use the principles of air conditioning to both heat and cool your home. But because heat pumps can struggle in particularly cold weather, hybrid heat dual fuel systems are often used instead to help keep your home comfortable no matter what.

Dual fuel heat pumps can save you money on heating bills and make an efficient choice for home temperature control any time of year. The pros at Martinelli Plumbing & Heating, Inc. are trained in servicing various forms of hybrid heat, and can install, repair and maintain a wide variety of dual fuel heat pumps. We serve the whole of South Jersey area, so contact us today.

How Dual Fuel Heating Works

Dual fuel heat pumps start with the heat pump itself, which circulates refrigerant to cool the air just like a regular AC does. Refrigerant cycles through a series of valves and coils: releasing warm air outside while cooling the air inside, which can then be blown into your house with a fan. Heat pumps simply add a wrinkle to the equation: the ability to essentially "reverse" it and cool the air outside the home while releasing heat into the home.

Heat pumps do well in environment where the temperature stays just above freezing, and recent improvements make them very efficient in towns of South Jersey. During times when its heating power isn't enough, the second half of the dual system kicks in: a gas furnace to ensure that your home stays warm on even the coldest days.

Why Use a Dual Fuel System in South Jersey

It may sound like a lot of effort for comparatively little pay-off, but in fact hybrid heat dual fuel systems can do wonders for lowering your heating bills. Refrigerant isn't consumed when it does its job the way that gas or electricity are with more traditional heaters. That means a hybrid heat system doesn't use nearly as much energy as, say, an electric furnace.

Not only will it cut down on your monthly bills during our long winters, but it can ease the strain on the system as well: helping it last longer and reducing the risk of a more serious breakdown.

That depends on the right service not only to find and install the right system for you, but to keep it maintained year after year, and to replace it when the time comes. Our team has the skills you need and provides the care you deserve. Contact us today!

They Work Summer and Winter Alike

The biggest benefits of hybrid heating systems come in the winter, when low temperatures prevail. But they also work well in the summertime, functioning as effective air conditioners when the mercury rises as well. That's one of the benefits of the system.

But that also means a year-round commitment to keeping the system running, which means periodic maintenance and upgrades as well as swift repairs. We're the team to call no matter what the time of year, providing timely service and emergency repairs as well as quality installation and replacement services.

Martinelli Plumbing and Heating Inc. can handle all of your heating and cooling needs- call us today!